What could be better than giving each other the yes on the beach, with your feet in the sand, the wind through your hair and the sea rippling in the background.

From the official ceremony, the reception, the family dinner to a spectacular party. At Strandclub ff-Tijd it is possible to spend the entire day. With a small group an intimate wedding or with all your family, friends and colleagues, it is completely up to you!

Official wedding location

Strandclub ff-Tijd is an official wedding location, after you have given notice and agreements have been made with the wedding official it's time for the real work. You choose a ceremony at the same location as the dinner, the reception and the party or come to the beach after the ecclesiastical ceremony or the town hall to toast to this special day.

Toast & wedding cake

After the wedding has been completed and all congratulations can be received, it is also the time to start herewith with a delicious glass of Prosecco or Champagne and to cut the wedding cake. For different types of wedding cakes, we would like to refer you to a pastry chef from the neighborhood.

Front desk

A reception for a part of the guests with drinks and various snacks is of course also possible. 

Moment of rest / taking pictures

After all official moments have been, it is of course the time to enjoy each other again before the party starts. What should not be missed, of course, is some photos with most important people on this great day. Use the beautiful decor of the beach, the sea and the dunes for unforgettable wedding and family photos.


With the guests enjoying a 3-course dinner or a somewhat freer BBQ buffet, we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Party night

With all the guests enjoying a wonderful day and ending this with a fantastic party! The location inside is completely organized according to your own wishes and all decorations can be kept in our own hands or delivered by us. With our various drinks packages it is possible to provide the guests with a discounted drinks package throughout the evening. With a wide assortment of various snacks, we can provide delicious treats throughout the evening.


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