Company presentation

Your employees and / or colleagues can go through a company presentation as standard with the aid of the available beamer. The beamer is standard in our pavilion and can be used with your own laptop or USB stick. The costs for this are € 85.00.


morning reception with coffee / tea and a deluxe pastry
business presentation incl. projector by own company
lunch buffet
next business
presentation final drinks with appetizers

The costs for this are € 30.50 pp

Company outing / Teambuilding

Together with colleagues to experience a sporting day by practicing different activities with each other and then enjoy a delicious buffet or BBQ.

A selection of the different activities:

kiting powerkiten
sand sculptures
gps tour
bike ride / dune twining
robinson to be

We can recommend the following event agencies for an unforgettable sporting day.

Contact details:

Expert in action / company
outing Beshoreevents

A nice day with a delicious BBQ buffet.

It is also possible to plan winter activities as our pavilion is open all year round. As:

Ice sculptures
Old Dutch games (also an option for when the weather is bad)
Pub quiz (also an option for when the weather is bad)

A winter teambuilding can be concluded with a buffet that matches the time of the year. Example:

Pasta buffet; choice from a Bolognese or Fruts de mer pasta costs pp € 18.50
Stew buffet; Choice of stew, sauerkraut, kale with a ball minced meat, bacon or pork chop costs pp € 16.50
Pea soup or brown bean soup buffet with rye bread, bacon and sausage costs pp € 6.00

New Year's / New Year's reception

For a drink at the end of the old year or as a good start of the new year it is possible to come to Strandclub ff-Tijd as we are open all year round. You can choose from one of the following drinks packages or allow the drinks to be postponed. This of course applies to every drink that is held for an occasion.

Domestic spirits drinks arrangement
Foreign spirits package

Serving different snacks from our wide range of products offers a selection of options.

Cheese / Sausage
Mini wraps with smoked salmon / smoked chicken
Hot Tapas
chicken skewers
Hawaiian Skewers
Stuffed eggs
Stuffed tomatoes with shrimps
Toast with smoked eel / smoked salmon
Table Snacks

We would like to take the time to discuss the various options with you in a personal conversation. So please contact us for further information via 0174-383341 or via

Strandclub FF-tijd| Zeekant 91| 3151 HW Hoek van Holland | Tel: +31(0)174 - 38 33 41| E-mail: